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Room And Board Furniture Sale

room and board furniture sale

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room and board furniture sale - Viper Neptune

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard in Wood Cabinet

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard in Wood Cabinet

Challenge your friends to an exciting game of darts with the Neptune Electronic Dartboard. Has a regulation 15.5" nylon target face with an easy to read LCD display. Can have up to 16 players with 39 different games to choose from. Has five different skill levels so it's perfect for beginners or the more serious dart player. Dartboard comes secured in a wood cabinet with hinged doors and dart holders. Accessories include four sets of darts, AC adapter, extra tips and a game manual. One year warranty. Great deal for a great price!

The Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard in Wood Cabinet makes for an entertaining game room addition for the discerning dart player. The wood cabinet-enclosed regulation 15.5-inch target face is accented by a striking color combination, and the 16 player functionality ensures even large groups will remain entertained for years to come by the board's 39 unique game options. Swinging cabinet doors open to reveal the playing area and include dart storage racks, and close to present a finished, attractive piece of furniture when not in use.
Additional features include:

Over-sized 6.5-inch LCD display
Five different skill levels for beginner through advanced players
Automatic player change and sleep mode
Tournament spider
Bounce-out button and missed dart detector
Quick keys for 301 and cricket
Single/double bullseye option
Includes four sets of darts, extra dart tips, AC adapter, and game manual
Limited one-year manufacturer's warranty

82% (5)

Inspiration Board: New Place

Inspiration Board: New Place

When I moved, my inspiration board moved with me. Well, kinda. The board stayed behind in CA. where the Mr. is now using it as his inspiration board, but I took down all the stuff on the board and tucked it away in an envelope in the hopes that I could recreate the board in my new place. It's finally up and running! I have the old things, a few new things, and room left over for future finds. I can't wait to start filling in those empty spaces!

Circuit Board Pedestal

Circuit Board Pedestal

We took a short break from jewelry this week to build a display for a friend who is a circuit board designer. This is the pedestal ready for installation the magnification and lighting system. So far so good, except circuit board is extraordinarily nasty stuff to work with.

room and board furniture sale

room and board furniture sale

Viper Arched Mahogany Dartboard Cabinet

The Viper Cambridge Collection Bristle Cabinet is constructed of solid oak, box joints and self-closing hinges. Decorative arched top adds style to your game room, while cabinet doors keep board hidden from sight when not in use. No-mess scoring with dry-erase scoreboard, and outchart for quick reference. Closed Dimensions: 22 1/8"H x 22 1/4" W x 3 1/2" D Open Dimensions: 22 1/8"H x 43 3/4"W x 3 3/4"D Inside Dimensions: 21"H x 21" W x 2 5/8"D Weight 18 lbs Includes: Dry Erase marker and outchart, mounting hardware. Dartboard and accessories not included.

The Viper 40-0256 Arched Mahogany Dartboard Cabinet provides a stylish, classy place to store your dartboard. Measuring 23 x 22 x 3.5 inches (HxWxD), the cabinet has a decorative arched top and mahogany construction and will be a stylish piece of furniture in your house. It features a tongue-and-joint construction, and can hold steel-tip and most soft-tip dart boards. It also has brass hinges, giving it an elegant and classy look. Darts and dartboard are not included.

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